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Empowering Change Through Documentary Filmmaking

June 20, 2023
Why Use Documentary Storytelling?

Why Use Documentary Storytelling?

In the realm of video production, few genres hold the power to impact and inspire like documentary filmmaking. Through storytelling, visuals, and authentic experiences, documentary films have the potential to bring critical issues to the forefront, instigate positive change, and touch the hearts of audiences worldwide. At Big River Film Co., we are passionate about using our video production expertise to craft compelling documentaries that make a difference. Today, we delve into the heart of documentary filmmaking, exploring its transformative abilities, as showcased through Big River Film Co.’s work with the non-profit organization "With My Own Two Hands" in Kenya.

With My Own Two Hands + Big River Film Co.

At Big River Film Co., we take pride in partnering with organizations like "With My Own Two Hands" to create impactful documentaries that resonate with audiences far and wide. As a leading video production company specializing in commercials, documentaries, and short films, our commitment to excellence and storytelling drives us to showcase stories that matter. We, at Big River Film Co., were drawn to "With My Own Two Hands" commitment and dedication to bringing clean water and educational opportunities to communities in East Africa. At the time of this writing, their relentless dedication to empowering young lives has led them to implement 42 water projects and 46 agricultural projects in vulnerable communities across East Africa. For this project in particular, Big River Film Co. was tasked with documenting a water collection tank installed at SOILA School, a sanctuary for young girls rescued from difficult family conditions and tribal practices. As documentary filmmakers, we had the unique opportunity to travel to Kenya and uncover the captivating story of one remarkable young girl named Irene.

Unveiling Irene's Story

Through our lenses, we captured the essence of Irene's life at the SOILA School. The contrast between her present and past life was evident as we witnessed the profound impact of clean water on her journey. Prior to the installation of the water collection tank, obtaining water was an arduous and time-consuming task for the school's inhabitants. However, the innovative tank provided a sustainable solution, giving these young girls the gift of time, education, and hope for a better future.

A Dream to Heal

As we spent time with Irene, we were moved by her aspirations to one day become a doctor in an effort to help other girls like herself. The newfound accessibility to clean water at the school had ignited a spark within Irene, fuelling her determination to pursue education and make a difference in the lives of others. Witnessing her pursuit of her dreams and resilience in the face of adversity was a humbling experience, and reinforced the true transformative potential of documentary filmmaking.

Meeting Irene's Family

Our journey extended beyond the confines of the school as we traveled to visit Irene's family home. The conditions in which she and her family lived served as a stark reminder of the challenges they faced daily. However, amidst those challenges, we also witnessed the warmth and love shared within the family, emphasizing the importance of community and support. The encounter provided a deeper understanding of Irene's life and strengthened our resolve to tell her story with authenticity and compassion.

The Ripple Effect of Clean Water

Irene's story is a testament to the far-reaching effects of clean water in many vulnerable communities across East Africa; many of which are on the front lines of the climate crisis. The water collection tank installed by "With My Own Two Hands" not only addressed a fundamental need but also unlocked a world of opportunities for young girls like Irene. Access to clean water not only improves health and hygiene but also paves the way for agriculture, education, empowerment, and dreams to take flight.


Documentary filmmaking has the power to amplify voices, elevate causes, and inspire change. Our experience in Kenya, capturing Irene's journey and the impact of clean water, reinforced our belief in the transformational potential of storytelling. We are deeply grateful to "With My Own Two Hands" for entrusting us with this significant endeavor, allowing us to bring Irene's story to the world. Through the lens of documentary filmmaking, we hope to continue shedding light on powerful stories that ignite compassion, understanding, and action. By giving a voice to those whose stories deserve to be heard, we aim to inspire positive change and contribute to a better, more empathetic world. If you're interested in witnessing the inspiring stories we've captured and exploring the life-changing work of "With My Own Two Hands," we invite you to watch our documentary film and join us in supporting this remarkable organization on its journey of hope and empowerment.

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