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Motion controlled robotics bring a fresh take on Bacardí's classic rums

Producer: Brian Harvath | Director: Nathan Cronk | Director of Photography: Brian Harvath | Motion Control Robotics: Mike Greenberg | Stylist: Janelle Munro | Drink Styling: Nathan Cronk | Editing: Nathan Cronk | Colorist: Brian Harvath




Set Design

Drink Styling

Robotics Motion Control







When Bacardí asked Big River Film Co. to help them refresh some of the video content for their main product line, it wasn't quite clear which direction the project would be heading, but we did know a few things get us on the right track. We knew we needed to feature the trademark Bacardí bottles and accompanying cocktails, but we also needed a fresh take that would help set this content apart from other similar projects that Bacardí already had in their video library. To do this, we decided to bring a distinctive and dynamic feel to the pieces by filming on a motion controlled robot.

High Speed Robotics

Filming a high-speed shoot on a robot is no easy task. There are (quite literally) a lot of moving parts that need to be meticulously ironed out before filming day and a team of robotics specialists needs to be a part of that process. To make this happen, Big River collaborated with a team of robotics experts. With their help, we devised storyboards and shotlists that would bring dynamic motion to the project. On our filming days, programers worked to map the motion of each of our shots while lighting, set dec, and drink styling were being prepared. When we rolled on each shot, the robot did its magic and brought our set to life in a truly dynamic and unique way.

Post Production

From the get-go, we knew that Bacardí intended to place these videos on a wide range of platforms, ranging from website backgrounds to Instagram stories, so we carefully designed and cropped each shot to accommodate for seamless cuts in various aspect ratios. In total, the Big River team delivered a total of 15 assets. We created a hero video consisting of a variety of shots from the shoot designed to showcase each of the 4 bottles. In addition, each bottle of rum got its own video specifically designed for its accompanying page on the Bacardi website. Each cut was delivered in 16x9, 4x5, and 9x16 aspect ratios for use across multiple platforms.