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Bacardí's Caribbean Spiced Product Launch

Production Company: Big River Film Co. | Producer: Brian Harvath | Director: Nathan Cronk | Director of Photography: Brian Harvath | Camera: James Molloy | Gaffer: Mauro Giuffrida | Drink Styling: Nathan Cronk | Editing: Nathan Cronk | Colorist: Brian Harvath




Set Design

Drink Styling

Robotics Motion Control







Shortly after Bacardí's new Caribbean Spiced rum hit shelves in Europe, Big River Film Co. was asked to create a suite of videos to help promote the new product. Our team started by developing two how-to cocktail videos designed to showcase the new rum in action. Next, we built out a promotional sizzle video specifically designed to generate excitement and awareness of the new rum with a heavy emphasis on social outlets. Lastly, our team developed a deliverable designed specifically to show off the fine details and beautiful design of the new Caribbean Spiced bottle.


One of the biggest tasks for any studio shoot is designing and building a set from the ground up. For this particular project, Bacardí already had a distinct look and feel for their new Caribbean Spiced bottle that helped point our set design team in the right direction. To create this set, we built a custom bartop and a beautifully textured turquoise wall. We also sourced vintage radios, custom barrels, beautiful barware, and distinctive greens. On our filming days we styled everything together, let our lighting team work their magic, and lastly, we built and styled the premium cocktails right on set.

Post Production

From the get-go, we knew that Bacardí intended to place these videos on a wide range of platforms, ranging from website backgrounds to Instagram stories, so we carefully designed and cropped each shot to accommodate for seamless cuts in various aspect ratios. In total, the Big River team delivered a total of 12 assets with each cut being delivered in 16x9, 4x5, and 9x16 aspect ratios for use across multiple platforms.