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Mouthwatering videos that are 100% natural

Creative Concept: Brian Harvath | Director: Nathan Cronk | Director of Photography: Brian Harvath | HMU: Amy Freinberg-Trufas | Editing: Nathan Cronk | Sound Design: Ryan Wickersham | Talent: Dorcas Adekanbi, Geana Javier






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Simple, Unique, Bold

As soon as we were green-lit to produce this suite of videos for Evolution of Smooth, we knew that we needed to create something worthy of the eos name. As a brand, eos was built on elegant simplicity that seemed to transcended the competition in speaking directly to its target audience. Today, the acronym e.o.s. seems to be on the lips of everyone around town.

The burning question we needed to ask ourselves was, "How can we take a highly-successful brand, put a unique spin on it, and help the brand move forward in connecting with its audience?" To do this, we decided to go with a simplistic, yet bold concept aimed at immersing the viewer in the sensorial experience of using eos lip balms.

Stepping Into the Studio

Production for this project kicked off with two days of in-person filming at our favorite studio space in Upstate New York, nestled in downtown Utica. Our on screen talent traveled in from New York City and crew members gathered from Albany, NY and Delaware. After we had uncapped numerous sticks of eos lip balm, drizzled coconut milk every which way, and crushed a few slices of watermelon by hand, it was time to switch gears to our macro shots.

Over the course of two additional days we brought our years of experience filming high-end macro shots in a studio setting to the table, bringing to life the close up world of the ingredients that make up each eos lip balm.

Last, but not least, we worked closely with a sound designer who expertly handcrafted the visceral soundscape that makes these videos deliver on their promise: to make you 100% Thirsty for eos lip balm.

One Size Fits All Platforms

From the get-go, we knew that eos intended to place these videos on a wide range of platforms, so we carefully designed and cropped each shot to accommodate for seamless cuts in various aspect ratios.

To finish the project out we applied a plethora of post-production magic;  incorporating digital camera movements, animation, stunning sound design, and delivered a total of 25 mouth-watering assets set to air on Hulu, YouTube, and social.