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A time-traveler's guide to spending your newly found free time

Agency: Zooppa | Concept: Matt Sweeney | Producers: Brian Harvath, Nathan Cronk | Director: Nathan Cronk | Director of Photography: Brian Harvath | Editing: Nathan Cronk | Talent: Kevin Lazarus




Creative Concept

Set Design






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One Simple Question

Big River was asked to think outside the box when it came to answering one simple question: what will you do with all the time you saved by using H&R Block Tax Pro Go? The brief was wide open to creative interpretation and the possibilities were endless, so we turned to our friend, and writer, Matthew Sweeney for some creative inspiration.  When the script about a DIY time traveler (that got perhaps more than he bargained for) landed on our desks we knew we had a winner.

Let the Good Times Roll

Concept in hand, we set about piecing together our very own DIY time machine. We also cast a wide net in search of talent that could be the perfect, kooky time-traveler and do our script justice.  Thankfully, we found just what we were looking for in John-Kevin Lazarus. One blowtorch, a fire alarm, and several baseball bat swings later, our time-traveler urgently returned from the future to stop the journey before it all began.

Seamless Post-production

After our production day wrapped, we still had plenty of visual effects, sound effects, and split-screen trickery to pull off. Each one of these items needed to be pulled off perfectly in order to deliver on our concept. Our team created the visual effects needed to bring our time machine to life, generated sfx and foley, and seamlessly stitched together several different takes making it possible for our scientist to meet his future self.