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With José Cuervo's Playa Mar going to the beach doesn't have to be hard

Client: On-spec | Director: Nathan Cronk | Producer: Brian Harvath | Director of Photography: Brian Harvath | Editing: Nathan Cronk | Colorist: Brian Harvath







Color Grading



Building the Beach

When beginning work on this spec commercial, we knew that José Cuervo's Playa Mar tequila seltzer was begging to be filmed in a beach setting. While we couldn't make it to the real Playa Mar we were more than comfortable using our studio to create a makeshift beach vibe that gives the feeling of being in a sun-soaked cabana just a few yards away from the crashing waves. Pulling this off required a set build that would compliment the colors of the Playa Mar can and bring a bright, beachy vibe to the frame. To round things out we threw in a few tropical plants, sourced a great-looking retro stereo, and added a few final elements that helped enhance and fill out our frames.


Over the course of two days, the team at Big River Film Co. worked to bring this project to life. Our Director of Photography created a bright sunny atmosphere, our stylist worked to make sure the overall presentation of the Playa Mar can and cocktail was spot on, and the props department brought in some fans to simulate a costal breeze. Bringing all these piece together resulted in some stunning shots of the Playa Mar product in action.


Once filming was complete, we moved all our captured assets over to the post-production team to sequence the commercial and add motion graphics. After testing a few soundtracks and making our final edits the 30 second and 15 second versions of the commercial were off to our colorist for their final color grades. In total, we created 4 assets for this project, in both 16x9 and a 9x16 aspect ratios to accommodate a wide range of platforms including broadcast, website, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Meta.