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Higher Level Snacking

Client: Lesser Evil | Director: Nathan Cronk | Director of Photography: Brian Harvath | Producer: James Molloy| Stylist: Janelle Monroe | Food Stylist: Lisa Homa | Gaffer: Michael Bland | Dolly Grip: Conor O'Mara | Key Grip: Kevin Gray | Voiceover: Alexa Kahn | Editing: Nathan Cronk | Grade: Brian Harvath






Set Building




Creative Crunch Time

The goal for this project was pretty straightforward: Produce two unique broadcast videos and multiple social cutdowns using an overhead camera perspective inspired by Wes Anderson's visionary style in a whimsical and joyful manner, while highlighting Lesser Evil's commitment to health and sustainability. The catch? We needed to deliver this entire suite of content in just 6 weeks. Up for the challenge, our team got to work honing in on the creative approach, building our sets, and securing the perfect studio space.

Stepping Into the Studio

With just a few weeks to build out sets we got to work creating 8 different environments. From retro-chic record players to sun soaked beaches, our sets popped with personality, blending nostalgia and sustainability. Each scene not only showcased the product but also sprinkled in a dash of whimsy, staying true to the Lesser Evil ethos.


In just 6 weeks, the Big River team spun two 30-second broadcast gems, each a unique vignette celebrating LesserEvil snacks in everyday scenarios and a suite of 12 social assets to be used across multiple platforms. Ready to see your brand story come to life—fast, fun, and with flair? Connect with us today.