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How we generated 1.3 million views for Lululemon

Agency: Tongal | Producers: Brian Harvath, Nathan Cronk  | Editing: Brian Harvath, Nathan Cronk


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Remote Producing


Motion Graphics






The Lockdown Challenge

As the world went into lockdown the need for quality at-home content had never been greater. Brands that once relied on the regular creation of fresh content were now faced with a unique challenge: releasing new and engaging content without the ability to physically bring creative teams together. To pull this off Lululemon turned to Big River to remotely produce UGC style, lockdown era content that maintained the consistency and brand integrity of Lululemon's pre-pandemic era content. All said and done we captured 1.3 Million views (and counting) across the suite of 8 workout vides that we created for Lululemon.

Remote Production

With all physical aspects of the production process out of our hands (literally!), expert communication with all four brand ambassadors that we worked with was paramount. By virtually guiding each ambassadors through the production process we highlighted the various pitfalls and technical aspects of content creation (lighting, composition, sound), enabling them to effectively film new content from the safety of their own homes with nothing more than their cell phones.

One Size Fits All Platforms

Once filming had been completed, the content was transferred to the Big River team where it was crafted into polished at-home workouts that were headed for the Lululemon YouTube, IGTV, and Instagram in-feed channels. By adding graphics, music, animations, and a pinch of post-production wizardry, Big River was able to streamline the release of new content while satisfying demand for an emerging genre for homebound audiences.