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A partnership forged in storytelling

Client: M. Davis & Sons, inc. | Brand Guidance: Elaine Buonopane | Creative Concepts: Big River | Copywriting: Brian Harvath | Director: Nathan Cronk | Director of Photography: Brian Harvath | Editing: Nathan Cronk | Voiceover: Evan Manorvo, Bill Mehner











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A Time-tested Relationship

As one of our oldest clients, M.Davis has been with Big River since the early days.  Throughout those years M. Davis has entrusted Big River with numerous projects that have ranged from documenting years-long, multi-million dollar projects to profiling the unique aspects of being a woman-owned business in the industrial contracting industry. When the pandemic first hit, this partnership proved invaluable as we were able to quickly and efficiently work with the M. Davis marketing team to create video content that kept them in the game during difficult times.

Lights, Camera, Construction

From the very beginning M.Davis was interested in creating more than videos that just outlined their services.  Instead, they wanted something that utilized storytelling to highlight their core values, impeccable safety record, and the employees that have made M.Davis a success over the last 150 years. Fortunately, storytelling is what we do best and over the years Big River and M. Davis have worked and grown together to build a catalog of videos that get to the heart of what makes M.Davis a leader in the industry.

"The videos produced by Big River Film Co. have given us a fresher approach to our marketing materials and brought us into the modern way of marketing with content management. We were traditionally marketing with brochures, but now we’re increasing our social media and digital marketing presence. It has allowed us to have some dynamic content that tells our story. Big River Film Co. is great with taking the vision that we have, applying their experience, and making out of that vision something that really speaks to the viewer."