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Out most delicious social videos yet.

Producer: Brian Harvath | Director of Photography: Brian Harvath | Editing: Nathan Cronk | Motion Graphics: Nathan Cronk




Set Decorating

Food Styling



Motion Graphics





Delicious Social Content

This small but mighty studio shoot for My/Mo shows the power of what can be done with just a few assets and a little bit of creative elbow grease. This entire project was created with nothing more than a few packages of My/Mo ice cream bites and a tub of strawberries. To create this video we photographed both the strawberries and the ice cream bites in a few different setups. Those photos then went off to the post-production team to be crafted into the final edit. In the edit bay, we were able to bring some very simple photos to life by masking them into a pink background and adding some slick motion graphics. To round the piece out, a quick little logo reveal was designed and a geat music track was sourced.

This project truly shows the power of what can be accomplished with just a few simple assets. Brands don't always have to spend huge budgets to get great results.