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Parles-tu français? We don't either, but we did make these videos for Pinterest in French

Producer: Brian Harvath | Director: Nathan Cronk | Director of Photography: Brian Harvath


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Set Decorating

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Motion Graphics


OOH (France)



Creating OOH Content

Paris may be a long way away, but that didn't stop us from working with Pinterest to create this series of stop motion videos for their French audience. Set to adorn subway stops and street corners on OOH screens throughout Paris this project was one of our first tabletop style productions. When we connected with Pinterest on this project, they knew that they wanted to speak to three distinct audiences with three separate videos, but we still needed to hone in on who those three audiences would be. During pre-production, we worked with Pinterest to hone in on their three distinct audiences: people looking for "travel hacks", people interested in traveling to popular Morocco locations, and those interested in travel to Tokyo. Next, we mapped out what each video would look like through treatments and storyboards, including remaking the Pinterest UI as an overlay across portions of each video.

During production, we curated each video with a unique set decoration that helped enhance the messaging and speak to different sudience types. With each of our three hand models on set, we used a number of stop-motion techniques to capture all the photos that would be compiled together to create each stop-motion video. During the post-production phase an editor, motion graphics artist, and color grader all had their hands on this project to compile all our photo assets into videos ready to hit streets all across Paris.