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Agency: Tongal | Producers: Brian Harvath, Nathan Cronk  | Editing: Nathan Cronk | Motion Graphics: Nathan Cronk






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New Year, New Smile, New You

Smile Direct Club is a strong brand that successfully took a large chunk of the invisible aligners market away from Invisalign (who had been a household name for years). To do this, Smile Direct Club focuses on its at home "Smile Journey" where users can get their teeth straightened from the comfort of their home. As the new year got underway, Smile Direct Club was looking to partner with a company that could help them tell the stories of three Smile Direct Club customers as part of their "New Year, New You" campaign.


To kick the project off Smile Direct Club shared all of their captured assets with the Big River team. We immediately went about sorting, organizing, and categorizing hundreds of UGC video and photo assets. Next, we worked to draw out the most compelling narratives from the selfie-style interview footage that we gathered for each testimonial. It was no easy task to find the connective tissue that would help us tell a cohesive story among so many assets, but several rounds or revisions later, we had stuck the landing and were fully aligned on our narratives for each testimonial.

Bringing the Mograph Magic

With our narratives fully locked, it was time to dive into the ever-so-important work of adding motion graphics to round out the pieces. As a brand, Smile Direct Club has a distinctive look that is largely based on their iconic "blurple" color and smile arc. After studying up on how these elements had been utilized in previous campaigns, we headed into the edit bay to apply our version of the Smile Direct Club motion graphics. The end result is a suite of videos that look and feel 100% cohesive with any other piece of content that you might stumble across from Smile Direct Club–be it a billboard, broadcast spot, or banner ad.