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Finally, footwear that considers the planet it walks on

Director: Nathan Cronk | Producer: Brian Harvath | Director of Photography: Brian Harvath | Editing: Nathan Cronk | Motion Graphics: Nathan Cronk








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Let's break it down

Imagine: 8 billion people hurtling through space on a tiny rock called Earth, nearly each and every one of them in need of a pair of shoes.  Next factor in an industry (with an already questionable environmental record) that’s eager to meet demand. It’s hard to fathom the scale of material consumption, industrial waste, and environmental burden that results from our insatiable appetite for fresh duds. That's where Thousand Fell comes in. As the makers of the first fully recyclable, fully sustainable, no waste shoe, Thousand Fell needed a way to get the word out. They came to Big River to further their mission of disrupting the footwear industry with a fun and stylish video that showcased the many layers of sustainable footwear.


Over several days, Big River poked, prodded, unstitched, unglued, and unpeeled each sustainable layer of multiple Thousand Fell shoes in an effort to create a shoe that could break apart and come back together. After much troubleshooting, a plan was made and we set out capturing each sustainable layer frame by frame as our shoe drifted apart and came back together again. With this tricky, but important shot behind us, we used specialty probe lensing and captured the sneaks flying about our pastelled studio space.


Post production on this project consisted of utilizing a whole bag of tricks including VFX and compositing. Everything we did was in an effort to give the shoes a larger-than-life feeling. We wanted the shoe to float, come apart, and feel generally epic in the frame. Paramount to this project was licensing the perfect soundtrack that perfectly complemented the Thousand Fell shoes and the overall style of the piece. Lastly, motion graphics and typography were animated and layered into each frame to round out the composition of each shot.