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Standing Tall with Upstate Caring Partners

Production Company : Big River Film Co. | Client: Upstate Caring Partners | Producer: Brian Harvath, Nathan Cronk | Director: Nathan Cronk | Director of Photography: Brian Harvath | Editing: Nathan Cronk | Grip/Gaff: Patrick Tuohey, Salt City Grip




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The Challenge

Upstate Caring Partners had recently launched an exciting new branch of their company called Community Health and Behavioral Services, but they needed help promoting it, so they turned to Big River Film Co. While Upstate Caring Partners is a legacy company that's been around for a long time, Community Health and Behavioral Services was still in it's infancy and didn't have a voice of its own yet. Thus, one of the challenges we faced with this project was understanding this new brand and helping them to create a brand voice that would catch attention and drive awareness.

The Solution

Community Health and Behavioral Services had a long list of services that they were now ready to share with the Utica, NY community. While it's always tempting to focus on listing out services (especially for new companies) it's often better to lead with an emotional, authentic appeal that will connect with viewers on a personal level, especially when name recognition is top-of-mind. To do this we sourced a real life story of a man who's life was profoundly changed by CHBS. We used this authentic story as the structure around which we build the rest of the commercial spot.

Bringing It to Life

With our concept in hand the Big River Film Co. team scripted, storyboarded, scouted filming locations, hired actors and actresses, and crewed up for a two day shoot that took place in Utica, NY and nearby Syracuse, NY. Big River Film Co. also handled all post-production tasks in-house, giving Upstate Caring Parters a seamless video production from concept to completion.