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The FCU that gets you - Director's Cut

Agency: ABC Creative | Client: N/A Director's Cut| Producer: Nathan Cronk, Jordan Harmon | Director: Nathan Cronk | Director of Photography: Nolan Whipple | Editing: Nathan Cronk












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How we partner

This is a Director's Cut of a project that Big River Film Co. was brought on to in it's creative phase. The ad agency we partnered with had a concept in hand, but needed a partner to help bring it to life in the Production and Post-production phases. We worked with the ad agency to tweak the video's concept in a way that would better tell the story and streamline the commercial spot for both clarity and maximum impact. From there, we launched into location sourcing, casting, production planning, and storyboarding. To round out pre-production, we put together a stellar team of production experts to help us execute on our production days.

Filming in Upstate NY

It was a crisp spring morning in Upstate NY (just outside the city of Syracuse) when we pressed record on the cameras and watched as our production plans came to life. Even though this commercial was designed to feel like it took place in several different homes, we filmed it entirely in one location. We used various lighting techniques and some simple set decoration to help each scene feel unique, fresh, and relatable. We also worked with a set of on-screen talent that was specifically chosen to promote diversity and inclusivity in the piece.


With our video assets filmed and ready for the edit bay, we headed into post-production on this project. For the Director's Cut that you see here, we crafted on-screen text that would integrate seamlessly into the commercial and help bring our messaging front and center. When aiming for maximum clarity and impact with the messaging, it was important for us to keep it simple, relatable, and seamless to be sure that our messaging would not get lost in the mix. The end result was a beautiful commercial spot that has a ton of impact for both sound on and off instances.