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Why Wawa Hoagiefest is the easiest way to enjoy summer

Agency: Archer | Producers: Brian Harvath, Nathan Cronk | Director: Nathan Cronk | Director of Photography: Brian Harvath | Camera: Joe Hennigan |  Editing: Nathan Cronk | Talent: Maggie Tehan, Marco Rosario | Voiceover: Dacey Else


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Hoagiefest is a THING!

Summertime on the mid-atlantic coast can only mean one thing....Wawa Hoagiefest is on! That means it's time for millions of people to take a roadtrip to the beach. And let's be clear, a trip to the beach is not complete unless it's accompanied by a Wawa Hoagie. Fortunately, Wawa Hoagiefest puts countless Hoagies in the hands of beachgoers at prices that you just can't beat. As the 2nd of two videos that we created for Wawa Hoagiefest we wanted to capture the essence of those beautiful summertime adventures and show viewers how Wawa helps make their perfect beach day a reality.

It's no secret that anything vintage is a hot trend right now and we decided to capitalize on that with this project. To do this, we sourced a vintage truck, vintage barn location, and a tucked away beach setting all located in Delaware. We also leaned on wardrobe, and set dec elements that would fit into this theme.


By far, the most exciting but challenging portion of this shoot was filming inside a vintage truck. To do this, the Big River team sourced a beautiful truck that fit our vibe for the commercial. It was then set it up on a process trailer which we pulled up and down the beautiful back roads of Delaware. This allowed our actor and actress to freely do their work in the truck without having to worry about driving at all.

When it came time to film our beach location, we scouted up and down a huge section of the Delaware cost to find a beautiful, tucked away section of beach that our vintage truck could drive up to. We then moved to iconic Rehoboth beach in southern Delaware where we filmed our final beach picnic scene.


One of the biggest tasks we had in post-production was finding and hiring the ideal female voiceover artist. For this, we turned to Dacey Else, a super-talented 19-year-old voiceover artist who was the perfect fit to bring this project together.

With our voiceover complete we handed the project over to the in-house post-production team at Big River. It's here that all of our footage was archived, edits were pieced together, soundtracks were licensed, and final color grades were applied. You can't imagine how stoked we were to see our videos playing on the big screen when we walked into our local Wawa to enjoy Hoagiefest for ourselves!